Areas of expertise

Planning, property and construction law

You have a building project
We are able to review your project to ensure it complies with building regulations in order to optimise your chances of seeing your project come to light.

You already have a planning permit for your project (building permit, planning permission, notification permit…), but this permit has been contested. We ensure your defense with respect to administrative jurisdictions.

The administration has refused to grant you the planning permission necessary for the execution of your project (building permit, parcel division, preliminary declaration of works…) We can contest, in your interest, this refusal with respect to the administration by way of a deposition or in court.

You would like the protect the environment and urban planning
You would like to contest construction works, new planning laws (local urban planning, the Coherent Territorial Planning Scheme…), we can form in your interest an amicable appeal with respect to the administration or contest the construction/PLU (local town planning)/SCoT (territorial coherence scheme) directly to the tribunal.
You are confronted by a legal problem during and after the construction of your project.
You have established defects, construction faults, the finished product doesn’t correspond to what you ordered.

We offer to act in your interest in front of the civil jurisdictions and to assist you with the legal expertise in order to obtain reparation for your damages.

You would like to lead a real estate project

We will accompany you in the transfer or purchase of your goods notably by the writing of your sales agreement or sale commitment.

We also offer to write your property company statuses and/or your co-ownership settlement.

Public law

Descriaux Avocats intervenes in all domains of public law. We advise and represent individuals (who would like to contest an administative decision) as well as public authorities (legal advice to local authorities).
You are a public legal entity

Our firm can assist you in the writing of deliberations, of an answer to the initial administrative appeals, protocols of agreement, contracts…

For many years and on a daily basis, we have assisted numerous communes in the Gironde department which we also represent with respect to administrative jurisdictions.

Our experience with litigations enables us to represent and accompany you in numerous domains such as markets and public contracts, the civil service, the administrative responsability, the pre-emption, public ownership…

Our experience in terms of town planning enables us to advise you on each step of the elaboration, modification and revision processes of the planning documents and to ensure their perennity (Administrative court of appeal of Bordeaux, 18/06/2013)

You are an individual
Our firm can represent you and defend your interests with respect to the administration and/or the administrative jurisdictions.

In order to do so, we can contest all administrative decisions in your name via an amicable recourse with respect to the administration in charge of the decision or via an action for annulment with respect to the administrative tribunal or all other specialised administrative jurisdictions.

If the administration has caused you harm (public works accident, workplace accident, dismissal, your property has been illegally preempted…), we can take a liability action in your name in order to obtain reparation and compensation for your prejudice.

Business, contract and company law

You would like to benefit from an expert eye, punctual or long-term accompaniment.
Business managers, Descriaux Avocats will advise and accompany you in all the steps of your company’s life : from the choice of the legal structure and the organisation between associates (creation of SARL (LLC), SAS (joint partnership), SA (joint-stock company), SCI (property company), SCM (non-tradeable goods)…, writing company statutes, declaration on the shareholders, matriculation ,etc.), to the following of the internal evolution (preparation of general assemblies, transcripts of general assemblies, capital increase, funds transfers, etc) up to potential fund and share transfers, acquisitions and restructuring.
You are faced with a disagreement which could become a litigation
Owing to our experience of tribunals, our team also brings its experience in pre-litigation stages to look for amicable solutions and foresee litigeous situations, then during the commercial litigation procedure or between shareholders/associates (drafting of the acts, pleadings, etc.)

Our clients are kept informed on each step of the proceeding : reflection, discussion, dialogue until arriving at the best option to save their economic interests.

You would like to prevent or handle your company’s difficulties
Descriaux Avocats advises and accompanies you in the execution of the procedure of prevention of company difficulties : the ad hoc mandate and the conciliation procedure. Our firm will also assist you as part of the safeguarding, recovery and liquidation procedures.

Criminal law

We organise your defense in the context of a criminal offense, whether you are the victim or the perpetrator.
You are the victim of an offense and would like to file a complaint
We will assist you for all of the different procedures. We are by your side during the criminal trial and will advise you on the attitude to adopt to ask for a reparation concerning the prejudices that you have suffered (property – theft, fraud– or physical damage–violence, agression). We put everything in place for our clients to be compensated by the identified culprits of the offense. We shed light on the decisions to be taken and ensure a rigorous follow-up of the investigation or trial.
You are summoned to the police station or to court
You have just committed an offense and have to explain yourself in the criminal court or in front of the investigating judge. The lawyer’s assistance is indispensable : we consult you and give you the most informed advice. In any situation, we make sure the rules of criminal procedure are respected in order to defend your interests.

Road law

Your driving licence has been confiscated or suspended
You have been stopped by the police or the gendarmerie and they are reproaching you for breaching traffic regulations leading to the retention or suspension of your drivers licence in situ.

We will assist you from your hearing summons by the police or gendarmerie, up until the hearing in front of the police tribunal or the criminal court, and when necessary, up to the appeal.

Your driving licence has been confiscated or suspended because of a lack of points.
You have had your driving licence invalidated, and have received a ‘courrier 48 Si’ because you have lost all your driving licence points.

We will advise you on the most adequate action to introduce depending on your situation. You will then have to submit an action for annulment in front of the administrative tribunal, and when necessary to form a petition for suspension.

Rural law

You would like to cultivate agricultural land
Our firm will assist you in the preparation of your farming permit application which will be submitted to the CDOA (County Agricultural Orientation Commission).

You would like to exploit communal or sectional land ? We will advise you on your property and prepare your allocation request to which the administration has to answer.

In case of a refusal of attribution or a refusal of a permission to farm, we will advise you on the possibilities of appeals and can contest the refection in front of competent jurisdictions.

Our long experience in this domain has enabled us to obtain compensation in favour of many farm owners :

You are a tenant
The farm rent has not been paid or is undervalued ? We will represent you in front of the Tribunaux paritaires des baux ruraux (TPBR).

We will advise you on the choice of leave best adapted to your situation and proceed to the establishing of the leave.

You are a farmer, tenant
You have been evicted from the land that you exploit or have difficulty with a tenant ?

We will accompany you for the duration of the proceeding in front of the Tribunaux paritaires des baux ruraux (TPBR).

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