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Olivier Descriaux

Originally from the Auvergne, Olivier Descriaux holds a Masters in private law, specialising in judicial careers. In 2000, he became a judicial assistant to the President of the Court of Criminal Appeals of Riom (63), developing his knowledge of proceedings.

Three years later, Olivier Descriaux passed the Bar exam in Clermont-Ferrand and started as a collaborative lawyer in Bordeaux in 2004. He sharpened his expertise of proceedings and manipulated criminal, administrative and business files on a daily basis.

For Olivier Descriaux, a good lawyer is a fine strategist who researches, analyses, anticipates and involves themselves wholly in the defense of their client. With this principle in mind, he established his own law firm, Descriaux Avocats, in Bordeaux in 2011.

Chloé Caparros

Chloé Caparros has punctuated her professional and personal journey with multicultural experiences. She studied in Reims, Aberdeen and Bordeaux, where she was awarded a Masters in territorial authorities in 2015. Following very formative internships in the administrative tribunal and at Descriaux Avocats, Chloé was sworn in in December 2018 and became a lawyer at the Bordeaux bar..

Franco-British, she accompanies English-speaking nationals and businesses who want to settle in France.
She also defends the interests of English-speaking tourists in France who have difficulties with French law.
Mrs Caparros has been working alongside Mr Descriaux as a collaborative lawyer since January 2019.

Antoine Kerrand

Antoine Kerrand, from Brittany, completed his university career with a training course in private and public law. He was awarded a Masters in Business Law in 2017 in Bordeaux then a Masters in Public Action in 2019 with distinction, after a 6 months stay in Australia to perfect his English.
He is now undertaking a third masters in Public Law and will join Descriaux Avocats from October 2019.
Antoine Kerrand hopes to be able to contribute better to legal aid by carrying on with legal research, putting his knowledge, his methodology and his rigor to the service of his clientele while preparing the CRFPA.

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